Music Label Site

Client   MediaGroove
Project Type   Internship
Skills / Tools    Figma, Photoshop, Interface Design, User Testing, Rapid Prototyping, Wordpress


MediaGroove is a small, data informed music label based in Brooklyn. They were in the process of launching their new IDMaaS (identity management as a service).

The Problem

The client only had a barebones website and needed a redesign and rebrand of their website to accommodate their artists as well as their new service, IDMaaS. This needed to be done within the constraints of WordPress.

The Goal

Our objective was to create two different experiences, one where users could learn about the different artists in the label, and one where musicians and labels could learn about MediaGroove’s IDMaaS and purchase these services.

My Role

I was responsible for all aspects of the design proccess  as the sole UX designer and worked alongside the marketing team and art director. I was also responsible for developing the site on WordPress.

The Process


User behavior

Since MediaGroove’s site was near empty, to get a better idea of our users, we needed to understand their behavior outside of the site when engaging with with the label and its artists. WHO, WHAT, HOW.

Key findings

The older demographic of users mainly engaged with Youtube and Instagram with Spotify being the most popular streaming platform. An overwhelming majority also engage with music blogs. This was the research I conducted, the marketing team was responsible for creating their personas who would engage with the business side of the site, the IDMaaS.


Potential solutions

Knowing the type of users that would use the site, now came the time to figure out a way to cater to them, including both the business and entertainment aspects of the label.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

With our site architecture planned out, we created  low fidelity wireframes to map out the site. This is where some administrative decisions were made, and where the focus of the label shifted from it's traditional  music side, to more of a service one with the new IDMaaS. This heavily influenced the information hierarchy on all pages of the site.


Diverse, eclectic, approachable

The MediaGroove brand had to showcase its new, professional business side, while still keeping its fun and musical identity.



Once I was finished with high fidelity wireframes, I conducted remote usability testing with two different flows in mind. One where the user would naviagte to an artists landing page and then sign up for the newsletter. The other would have the user browse the For Musicians page and then book a call. These would cover both the service and the entertainment aspects of the label.


• Sign up for newsletter
• Book a call

Task Completion Rate


Error Free Rate



• Needed to scroll to the footer in order to sign up for newsletter
• The main CTA on the For Musicians page took the user to the Plans page, where they needed to scroll very far to locate the Book A Call button.


Through the testing, I found that the flows for reaching our end goals for the user were inefficient, and not as accessible as we would've liked. With the errors in my mind, I made minor adjustments to our CTA's on both the Plans page and the Artist Landing page's to further streamline these end goals. More testing will be required once more copy is created for the site.

What's next

-      MediaGroove is still ironing out their service offerings for the IDMaaS, and are still deciding if they want the service to be included within the label, or live as its own entity. The design I have left them allows them to implement the service within the label.


-      Working in a cross-functional team throughout this internship really helped me realize the influence that other aspects of a company can have on the UX, from the art direction to the marketing and logistics.

-    In a startup/developing business environment, the UX and designs are constantly evolving, mirroring the evolution of the business.

Let me know if you are interested in collaborating!